From The Desk of Tim Ozman 4/10/22: Taking a Stalker to Court

On 5.11.2022 I’ll be in a status conference to discuss a settlement. The defendant wrongfully registered a trademark that wasn’t his in order to attempt to sue me for damages in retaliation for my defamation suit against him. This is a pre-trial attempt at reaching a settlement. 

When I’m in front of the magistrate I’m going to bring up my wish to press charges against the defendant for enlisting the aid of two other stalkers of mine in an ongoing aggravated stalking campaign. All the web domains that Marcus Goldfinch stole are redirected to this other defendant’s defamation content.  If this does go to trial, Goldfinch will be added as a co-defendant as the two of them were, or, are still in contact.

I’m going to ask for $30,000, triple what I initially sued for, because of the attempted malicious prosecution (his counter-suit was dismissed). 

This creep has been a problem for me since 2017 and more recently, he’s been posting my art on his website, using it as part of his ongoing character attacks against me. This isn’t the first time my artwork has been used by a detractor as a mark against me. My art challenges and frightens weak-minded sheeple and always has. But, since he’s going to obsess over me even further, clearly a narcissist in the grip of an intense egoic attachment to this situation, I’ve decided to do a series of mixed media artworks of this man where I attempt to understand his self-concept: is he a hero or a villain in his own mind?

Is he tilting at windmills or doing something good for the world by waging a crusade against me? He’s been stalking me for about  4 years now. Perhaps he’s angry still because he was anonymous until I doxxed him. I can literally find anyone and he thought he was impervious. I have a list of people who thought they could harass me only to find me kicking their doors, calling their work, or exposing them as malicious cyberstalkers.

I find my stalkers and make them pay. This loser will pay me $30,000 or we’ll see this go to trial and I have no problem with that either. The process is the punishment. I can keep this going for 30 years.

Tim Ozman,

IPR, host

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